How it Fits Together
Example 1

Using the Energy Matrix cloud-based technology platform, called EMX, an upstream Producer can make their business more efficient and increase data accuracy by improving how information is exchanged with service providers, business partners and external stakeholders.

Here is how it works:

1. Crude Oil Trucking company's send run ticket data into the Volume Reconciliation service

2. The Volume Reconciliation service nets the tickets and matches them with a corresponding invoice or purchaser statement ticket

3. The netting and reconciled run ticket is sent to the App Builder service where the run tickets are stored

4. The App Builder service sends the run ticket data to the back-office Production/Revenue Accounting system

5. The back-office Production/Revenue Accounting system sends daily and monthly reports to the Data Exchange service

6. External Partners retrieve the reports from the Data Exchange service, which can also be transformed for loading into their back-office Production/Revenue Accounting system