EMX Services

Energy Matrix is a cloud-based technology platform, called EMX, which offers applications and services to help make your business more efficient and increase data accuracy and control the bottom line through informed decision making, time-savings, automation and integration.

Data Exchange

A universal bi-directional data exchange, combined with powerful data transformation tools, delivers a single solution for cross-company data distribution and consumption.

Easy Setup

Data files are sent to the Data Exchange as attachments to an email or manually uploaded. No custom programming or APIs are needed. Minimal setup requirements mean you can immediately begin use.

Sophisticated Data Transformation

Data files can be exported with custom “Data Mappings” to transform the data into a format that can be easily consumed by other systems. The Data Mappings include sophisticated rules for data transformation.

Configurable Routing Rules

Data files can be routed to one or many recipients based on custom routing rules. Data Files can also be routed back to one’s self for internal use. The system automatically generates notifications of receipt to both the sender and receiver.

Versioning and Re-call

Data files are versioned for easy historical tracking and review. They can also be recalled if accidentally sent or incorrect. In addition, the built-in controls allows you to know if the file was received or generate an alert if the file failed delivery.

Mapping Sets

For complex data transformations, a “Mapping Set” can be created to automatically merge the results of multiple mappings into one result set.

Auto Conversion and Delivery

When the data file is received, one or more “Data Mappings” can be automatically applied and the results automatically emailed to one or more users. This allows for synchronous integration with other systems.

App Builder for Data Storage

An easy, flexible, and fully customizable data storage solution used to design “applications” for storing any data in the cloud.

Easy to use

“Applications” consist of one or more “Forms” that are designed by the user with easy to use drag-and-drop tools. No programming or technical experience is needed.

Fully Customizable

An application’s “Forms” are built by the user for the user. The user has complete control over the layout of the Form and the type of data that is saved on a Form.

Flexible Import Options

Data can be loaded into an application’s “Forms” from various sources in various ways. This includes everything from manual entry screens to fully automated delivery via the Data Exchange service, CSV/XLSX files or APIs.

Your Data for Your Use

All data stored within App Builder sits in an Azure Storage Account and Azure No-SQL Database, both of which can be within a customer’s own Azure Account. Meaning you own and control your data.

Safe and Secure

Since all data resides with native Azure services, you get all the security features and safeguards of the Azure platform.

Water Management

A modern cloud-based solution for water ticket management, significantly improving tracking, review and invoicing efficiency.

Mobile App for Entering Tickets

BOL Tickets are entered by the transporter in the field using a simple and secure mobile app. The data can be sent real-time or cached and synchronized later.

Transporter View

The application has a “Transporter View” for use by the transporter company which gives them all the necessary functionality to review, edit and approve their tickets before submitting to the producer.

Producer View

The application has a “Producer View” for use by the producer company which allows them to see all the ticket activity across all transporters. It allows the producer to review, accept/reject and process the tickets for invoicing.

Real-Time Reconciliation

The transporter and producer can collaborate in real-time during all stages of the business process, from the tickets original creation in the field all the way through reviews. This greatly improves process efficiency, data quality and invoicing accuracy.

Automated Cost Calculations

Transportation fees from contract terms are entered as “Cost Codes” and then assigned to each ticket. The system automatically calculates the transportation costs.

Export Data

All the ticket and cost calculation data can be exported using custom “Export Mappings” for easy integration with a revenue accounting system or for reporting back to the transporter.

Volume Reconciliation

A modern cloud-based solution for tracking crude oil truck tickets, pipeline tickets and invoice tickets, significantly improving volume review and reconciliation efficiency.

Easy to Load Data

Receive ticket data in any Excel or CSV format, then transform and load with customized import mappings, or use a mobile app can capture data in the field and send it directly for processing.

Customizable Profiles

Customizable Reconciliation Profiles can be created for each of your energy partners so you don’t have to force them to conform to a single standard.

Configurable Output

Customize the output of volume data to integrate with any external system. You can also use the Energy Matrix Data Exchange service for more robust data distribution and transformation.

Ticket Calculations

Automatically calculate a netted volume by using API standard methods with ticket details like gross volume, top gauge and bottom gauge, gravity, BS&W and temperature. It also supports multiple custom calculations and strapping tables.

Cost Calculations

Automatically calculate trucking costs based on rate and mileage tables, and compare standard costs against actual costs.

Exception Based Rules

Uses sophisticated exception based rule sets so you can quickly approve tickets that meet your standards, allowing you to focus on just the exceptions.

Custom Applications

Energy Matrix is a community of SaaS-based application and services that promote collaboration. It is open to both custom and 3rd party applications that unify together under a common cloud-based technology platform.

Core Services

Energy Matrix is an application eco-system with technical services like user security and cross-application integration, and functional services like license management, billing support and customer provisioning.

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Energy Matrix is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to leverage native Azure services like security, web application deployment, database deployment, storage accounts and more.

Collaborative Environment

Both custom and 3rd party applications gain the benefit of Energy Matrix’s modern and secure cloud technology, native automation and integration infrastructure, and inherent user community.

Public or Private

Any application deployed on Energy Matrix can be visible to the entire community or visible to only select customers. This supports private development of applications for specific customers.

Account Administration

A simple user administration service for managing access to all Energy Matrix services.

User Setup

Add your users through a secure invite, accept, approve process. This gives the account administrator complete control over which users get added and the fixability to deactivate or delete as needed.

Service Provisioning

Each user can be individually assigned to services giving flexibility over service provisioning for access control.

Service Configuration

Some core configuration settings for services are maintained by the account administrator for centralized control.

Audit Log

The audit log gives a detailed account of who is logging in and accessing each service. It also tracks what account administration changes have been made.